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The 'What If' Project

No oil and gasLangtree School - The 'What If' Project

Langtree School is a small rural 11-16 comprehensive situated in the South Oxfordshire village of Woodcote near Reading and serves a wide area of South Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

This Year 10 GCSE group decided on the 'What if' project in consultation with their teacher, Dan Raven-Ellison. What if gas and oil were cut off in their local area in 28 minutes, 28 days, 28 months, 28 years? They focused on the impact this could have on their own lives and that of the local community, and possible, probable and desirable futures.

A key aim of the project was to develop students' creative thinking skills and as such they were required to research the possible impact of this scenario on themselves, the local community and their local area and to begin to construct new ways of thinking about the future of their place.

The video below shows Dan and his students talking about their project at a YPG meeting in July 2007.

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28 Days Later (JPG 313k)

28 Weeks Later (JPG 302k)

28 Months Later (JPG 276k)

28 Weeks Later (2) (JPG 159k)

Audit (1) (JPG 130k)

Audit (2) (JPG 150k)

Radial Map (JPG 318k)

Story (JPG 168k)

Timeline (JPG 188k)

Timeline (2) (JPG 116k)