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Do you want to get involved in the Copenhagen Climate Change debate? I found this NEW COMPETITION that gives you the opportunity to go to Copenhagen as a young..

climate change

Is Global Warming Part of Earth's Natural Cycle?

Edited: 11th July 2009

My school visit to see YPG in action

Had a fabulous day yesterday visiting Valley School in Worksop and see Y8 students 'doing YPG'. What a fantastic atmosphere as different groups and individuals worked..

Student projects underway

The first student projects are now underway, and will soon reach the stage where they will be presented to an audience, and start to appear on the blog.

A month on....

...and a little more. I have had a few e-mails from people involved in the project and it's good to see that it's moving forward nicely. Some good ideas being suggested..

Sheffield Meeting

Having got home from the Sheffield meeting I was inspired again by the whole YPG concept and set to writing a new scheme of work which can be used in pretty much any..


i believe we should be aloud to learn about cities in england such as london.

First meeting

I am a little bit worried about the meetingsi dont understandgeography completley i am very concerned about the environment and rainforests. We are very excited and cant..

First Meeting

We have just had our first YPG meeting! It was realy good and we are very excited about what we are going to do in the future! We don't quite understand the full meaning..

Participatory Curriculum Development

I have been thinking about a curriculum model that would apply to the YPG pedagogy ever since we met a week ago. With its emphasis on student voice my thinking has..

Excited about this phase

It was great meeting everyone involved in this phase of YPG yesterday. There was certainly lots of enthusiasm and great ideas flying around and I am really excited at..

Keeping a promise to write a blog entry

Never one to break a promise: I started the project by reading academic literature and an article from Teaching Geography about Young Peoples Geographies. This helped..

First meeting just over...

Thanks to everyone who came today. It was a very positive meeting from my point of view, and I sensed a lot of excitement about the potential for the next few months'..

Project Leader's Blog

23.10.08 - 24 hours to the launch of the YPG site and feeling a little nervous. Has been tough at times getting stuff together but feel that things are looking better..

Edited: 24th October 2008

YPG Website Development

Counting down to the launch of the YPG website, we've stripped out all the test content in the Blog and Forum sections, so all that's left is this solitary Blog showing..

Edited: 24th October 2008