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StudentsWe would love to hear from anyone who has utilised a 'YPG approach' in their work (i.e. a strong emphasis on the geographical lives of their students and a collaborative curriculum making approach), even if you had no idea this project existed!

  • Are you a teacher with innovative schemes of work?
  • Are you a HoD who has successfully implemented a YPG curriculum in your school?
  • Are you a PHD student conducting research into young people's geographies?
  • Are you a student with some radical ideas for shaking up geography in your school?

If you've created a project, a set of resources, a Facebook group, a research paper, a focus group, a new curriculum, anything which fits within the overall aims and ideals of the YPG project, then get in touch now for a chance to have your work featured on this website.

GA Ning - YPG Group

Why not join the Geographical Association Ning, a social networking website for anyone interested in geography teaching? We've created a dedicated space for people involved in the YPG project so you can interact with other participants online.

Visit the Ning homepage to sign up, then find YPG in the 'Groups' area.