Young People's Geographies

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studentsThe YPG approach is:

  • A response to the challenges schools face in the task of preparing young people for a future characterised by rapid social, economic, political, cultural and technological and change.
  • A response to the separation between school and academic/university geography, particularly the neglect of the geographies of children, youth and families.
  • A distinctive approach to curriculum development and teaching and learning that takes seriously the knowledge, ideas, experiences, interests and skills that students bring into schools: their ‘lived geographies’.
  • A set of principles to underpin relationships between adults and young people in schools and classrooms, which see young people taking increasing responsibility for determining the focus, content and purpose of an open enquiry approach to learning.
  • A series of ongoing conversations between students and teachers about young people’s geographies, the school curriculum, curriculum development and pedagogy.
  • A more active enquiry/investigative approach to teaching and learning.

Before I wouldn’t have expected to do this in a geography lesson but now I think geography can be just like where you live, the stuff around you… it’s like your life and what you do. You realise that your own lives are related to geography.

        - Student

In a YPG classroom teachers and students:

  • Listen and talk to each other about the geography curriculum, teaching and learning
  • Are interested in the way students’ lives and cultures can support curriculum development and students’ learning
  • Ask questions, pose problems and recognise ideas and issues they would like to explore together
  • Use the academic discipline as a resource