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young peopleStarted in September 2006, the Young People’s Geographies project is a five year curriculum development and research programme to investigate how school students and teachers working together can effectively develop the school geography curriculum and students’ geographical learning.

The project is funded by the DfES/DCSF Action Plan for Geography and also received funding from The Academy for Sustainable Communities during the first two years.

YPG brings together students, teachers, academic geographers and teacher educators in conversation about young people’s lived geographies and curriculum development. Its aim is to enable students to take greater responsibility for determining the focus, content and purpose of their learning.

Project Aims

Explore ways in which geography teachers and students can use the lived geographies of young people to inform the process of curriculum development in school geography

Develop pedagogies through which students can use their lived experiences to develop their geographical understanding

Establish conversations between students, teachers, professional geographers and geography teacher educators that will inform a dynamic process of curriculum construction in schools

Phase One finished in July 2008 and Phase Two will run from September 2008 until July 2011.