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Case Study Two

Tracey SkeltonTracey Skelton, Loughborough University

One of the interesting, and I suppose contradictory, things about Young People’s Geographies is that there are a lot of not-so-young people involved in them! For those of us geographers who lecture and do research in Universities (otherwise known as academia) and specifically work with young people about their geographies there is a lot of exciting stuff going on. What is important is to think about how the work that we do in universities about young people can be transferred over to young people themselves who are still working and learning at school and who are studying geography. This short piece is an attempt at doing just that. This transfer of ideas, themes, concepts, data, and theory about young people’s geographies is a really important part of the Young People’s Geographies project...

Here Tracey talks about how as an academic geographer and through her research she became involved in working with young people and young people’s geographies.

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