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Teachers at YPG meetingThe YPG project 2008-9

This page outlines what will be happening during the forthcoming year. Schools currently involved in the project will find information about the project and the resources that were used at the introductory meeting at the Geographical Association Headquarters in Sheffield on Wednesday 5 November.

Suggested Outcomes from YPG

We would like you to work with your students to produce a sequence of lessons, or sessions, which would follow an enquiry based approach. The key here is conversation with your students - to establish a common area of interest that will enable them to bring together their own geographical lives with the academic discipline to support their geographical learning.

The work could take the form of a collection of activities or tasks, with a common theme, but again the way of working needs to be established through conversation.

The work will be uploaded on to this website, so please be conscious of copyright issues and use Creative Commons licensed or personal images where necessary.

On completion of the work we would like an electronic copy of the following for inclusion on the website:

1. A summary grid of the lesson sequence (and actual lesson plans if used)
2. The activities that the students were engaged in
3. Supporting resources e.g. PowerPoint Presentations, video and audio files, images etc.
4. A list of relevant weblinks
5. Some reflection on the lesson sequence and the students' learning
6. Examples of students' work
7. Images of lessons in progress and students working would also be particularly helpful.