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About YPG

About YPG

YPG logoWhat is the Young Peopleís Geographies Project?

The Young Peopleís Geographies project is about making school geography more exciting and relevant to students by involving them in curriculum making and by focusing on their own lived geographies. Young people have their own distinct geographies, often very different to those of adults, and the YPG team believes the learning process will be much richer for students if these geographies are taken into account.

At the heart of the project is the idea of conversation. These changes can't happen unless teachers and students talk to each other. A big part of the first phase of the project was about establishing those conversations, and we hope that this website will help to keep the conversations going throughout the next phase.

Explore the website for more background information about the project and its aims, practical ideas for bringing a YPG approach into your classroom, and comments, videos and resources from participants.

We couldnít just say anything, it had to be related to geography; we needed someone to guide us and thatís what the teacher did and that made it better

      - Student